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                  ทดลอง เล่น ฟรี 1000

                  My Climate 2050

                  Visualising your climate in 2050. #ClimateElection

                  SLNSW Visionaries Explorer

                  Generous interface for the SLNSW Visionaries collection

                  Corley Explorer

                  Suppoting community contribution & enrichment of the SLQ Corley collection

                  SLNSW Visionaries Explorer

                  Generous interface for the SLNSW Visionaries collection

                  Tangible Dataform

                  Climate Coaster for ANU Climate Change Institue

                  Discover the Queenslander

                  Exploratory web interface for the State Library of Queensland

                  Unlocking Corley Explorer

                  Presentation at the State Library of Queensland

                  Tate Gallery Colour Explorer

                  Use colour to navigate over 50,000 images

                  Three Hundred & Sixty Six

                  Presenting a painting-a-day

                  Collaborating Around Collections

                  GLAM sector symposium

                  HTML + BOX2D

                  MAKE RETAIL

                  Innovative retail site for MAKE Designed Objects

                  Visualising Raynal

                  Generous interface to Raynal's Histoire des deux Indes


                  #fundTrove Explorer

                  DADA Visualisation

                  Dataviz as creative cultural practice

                  MAKING DESIGN RESEARCH

                  Multi-disciplinary design exhibition

                  NDF 2016

                  Presentation for National Digital Forum

                  Font Sort

                  Sort Google Fonts by visual likeness

                  Joining the Dots

                  The Art and Science of Data Visualisation symposium



                  Data lighting sculpture

                  BLOCK TYPE

                  Scaling & packing twitter posts

                  VECTOR BLOB BROOCH

                  Generative laser cut cardboard brooch

                  Power of 1

                  Tangible data visualisation


                  Student Design Showcase

                  Museums & The Web Asia

                  Colouring Digital Collections

                  TWEET REPORT


                  CROWD CONVERGENCE

                  Autonomous display of social media data

                  DESKTOP MAG FEATURE

                  Discussing design futures & data-viz


                  Tagline to t-shirt

                  DESIGN +

                  ANU Design double degree

                  3D TWEETS

                  Dynamic depth-of-field with CSS

                  ANU DESIGN

                  Digital + Material Engagement + Innovation


                  JS optical kerning engine


                  Kinetic mechanical text input

                  LOSING CONTROL

                  Software poetics in the everyday PhD Thesis

                  ทดลอง เล่น ฟรี 1000